Clean Interior Spaces
For Better Peace of Mind

We’re on a Mission to Make the
World Indoors a Better Place.

Where do you spend the majority of your time? The EPA says almost 93% of our time is spent indoors. Ensuring your indoors is keeping you healthy and safe is a priority. Buildings that work with CASPR – Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction – ensure the indoor air we breathe is the healthiest it can be.

CASPR’s active indoor environmental technology was developed for healthcare but is now available everywhere. Our patent-pending air + surface disinfection solutions continuously destroy harmful molds, bacteria such as staph and MRSA, and viruses – even the virus that causes COVID-19.

CASPR is a disinfectant technology. Other technologies claim to purify the air. Disinfectants work better to kill bacteria, viruses and molds, while purifiers are more efficient at reducing dust and pollen particles in the air. Raise your hand if you want to be protected by disinfectant technology?

Our disinfectant technology, installed in air ducts or as a small, visible unit – puts trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide into the air and on surfaces, killing up to 99.96% of indoor contaminants. We are basically turning light into energy! CASPR is safe for people, pets and plants.

The building you are in right now, from the QR code you opened, is protected by CASPR technology that helps buildings work for you, not against you.

Case Studies and News

New Study Finds Two-thirds of Consumers Are More Likely to Patronize Restaurants and Businesses That Practice Air and Surface Disinfection

A recent study conducted for Texas-based CASPR Group by New Orleans-based research group MDRG worked to gauge the importance consumers place upon air and surface disinfection. The study looked at key consumers in office buildings, public transportation, and retail environments and found clear patterns emerged that affect a consumer’s willingness to engage.

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Hope’s Door Resale Store Safely Reopens Thanks to CASPR’s Air and Surface Disinfectant Technology

A Dallas-area domestic violence shelter was able to reopen its consumer-facing resale store, thanks to CASPR’s Mobile air and surface disinfection technology that helps protect patrons, staff and volunteers from communicable diseases.

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