Purification that Passes the Test on Cleaner Spaces for Students and Teachers

It’s not all academic when it comes to keeping students and teachers protected in schools today. With many students back for face-to-face learning, CASPR’s air and surface disinfectant solutions add an important extra layer of protection for our most hands-on spaces.

Our natural, chemical-free solutions purify the air and clean surfaces with a 99.96% disinfectant rate against pathogens. This gives teachers and administrators a safe way to combat mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and more.

For full-campus coverage, our duct-mount units are installed in your HVAC supply, providing disinfection to every space where students and staff may be. This hands-fee, low maintenance solution produces no smells, residue, or noise, which is ideal for academic spaces.

For administration offices or guest spaces, our CASPR Compact desktop unit is a plug-n-play solution that offers visual peace of mind for visitors and staff. CASPR can also provide a window cling that certifies your space is protected with lab-proven air and surface disinfection technology.

Making the Grade with Continuous Air and Surface Disinfection in Schools

Our HVAC duct-mount and mobile disinfection technology provides continuous cleaning without classroom interruptions. In fact, recent tests at several Toronto-area primary schools showed that our products reduce pathogens on common school surfaces by 95-100%.

This is critical information for schools looking for a newer, easier to maintain, and accessible means of protecting their staff and students from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

CASPR Solutions can be purchased with remaining ESSER funds through September 2024

CASPR’s Partnership with Meriwether County, GA Schools

To prioritize the safety and well-being of its students, teachers, and employees, the Meriwether County School District implemented a new technology that provides continuous disinfection of both air and surfaces. This has been a significant step towards ensuring a healthier and safer learning environment for everyone.

In an interview with Infection Control Today® (ICT®), Margaret Scarlett, DMD, the chief medical consultant at CASPR Technologies, explains the reasoning behind the technology’s implementation, reactions from students and staff, and how the technology works.

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Continuous Coverage

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Low Maintenance

CASPR Duct-Mount

Our Duct-Mount units are installed in your existing HVAC systems where they will provide facility-wide coverage without any noise, odor, or residue. These units are optimally placed to ensure all oxidizing molecules exit the duct, circulate the targeted area, and land on all surfaces. The devices come in a variety of sizes to fit any situation. Our smallest unit covers 400 square feet, and our largest covers up to 5,000. Typically, a mixture of sizes is utilized.

Our technical team is ready to review your HVAC plans and provide an installation plan. Installation can be completed by any licensed HVAC professional. 

CASPR Compact

While our duct-mount units are discreetly placed in the HVAC system, our CASPR Compact is visibly displayed so your employees and guests know that the facility has invested in them. This unit is called Compact because it is small, but powerful. One CASPR Compact will cover up to 1,500 square feet but multiple can be placed across your facility to cover even more square footage. Additionally, customers typically opt for at least once CASPR Compact due to the visibility that reminds guests of the technology.

With CASPR Compact, there is no installation as this device simply plugs into a standard wall outlet and is powered on for immediate coverage.