Q&A with Tandy Janson

Dive into an illuminating Q&A session with the Bus and Transportation Manager from Kingman Unified School District, Tandy Janson, as she shares her firsthand experience with the implementation of cutting-edge technology. Gain valuable insights into the reactions from both students and staff and unravel the workings of this transformative technology. Situated in the vast expanses of Arizona, Kingman Unified School District operates 62 buses, serving a sprawling area of 3,300 square miles. Join us in exploring the intersection of innovation and education in this insightful conversation.

Bus & Transportation Manager, Tandy Janson

Q1: How did you find out about CASPR Technologies?

“A Bus Summit Seminar.”

Q2: When choosing a solution to disinfect your transportation fleet, what were you looking for?

“Something that was high quality, and easy to use.”
Q3: How was the CASPR Technology explained to you?

“It was explained in detail. I was sold after the first three sentences.”

Q4: Why do you think CASPR is the best solution for disinfection on your buses?

“This is a continuous cleaning product. It doesn’t need to be manually done. There’s no physical labor. It’s disinfecting when the bus is full and running.”

Q5: How was your experience with the sales and service team at CASPR Technologies?

“Very helpful, they answered all my questions and were never pushy. Simply told me to look at the data they provided. They’d also update me whenever I wanted and their confidence in their products sold me.”

Q6: Now that you have chosen CASPR Technologies to protect your drivers and students in route, what benefits do you see?

“The drivers, monitors, mechanics, and office staff can all feel the difference in our building. Those with allergies don’t have red, itchy eyes, sneezing, or coughing when they are inside the facility or the buses. I don’t spend enough time with the students to gather enough insight but if it’s anything like our indoor unit, I’m excited to see it.”

Q7: Are you happy with CASPR Technologies? (Sales, Prices, Service, Performance & Support)

“Yes, I look at this as a one-time purchase with the occasional upkeep on the filters that are not even close to the original purchasing price. Over an extended period, the cost would be well worth it as we wouldn’t have to keep purchasing chemicals and towels only to just throw that stuff away and repurchase it again right after. Also, my drivers won’t have to worry about purchasing gloves or getting chemicals on their hands. Overall, we are saving more money with CASPR than without it.”

Q8: What could you say about CASPR Technologies that would be helpful for a school director that is looking for disinfection solutions in their schools?

“Keep track of the time you pay your employees to sanitize the bus twice a day or three times a day, depending on how many schools they service along with the cost of the products to sanitize. Then compare it to the initial cost of CASPR products plus the 2-year replacements. For us, savings started within the first year. If the savings start within 1 to 2 years, it’s worth the money. The CASPR system is continuous, and if you replace the filters and cells every 2 years…It’s forever. It saves us time, labor, and money, while providing a healthier environment.”

Q9: Would you choose CASPR again and why?

“Yes, I have spoken with the assistant superintendent and finance from the transportation department, and we are going to try to get CASPR throughout every one of our schools. We are going to do what we can each year to make sure that our schools have the system throughout to protect our students, our teachers, and our staff.”


Wrapping up this insightful Q&A, it becomes apparent that CASPR Technologies is a notable player in the field of advanced indoor air quality and surface disinfection solutions. With a strong dedication to promoting health and wellness, CASPR Technologies actively contributes to shaping the educational landscape through its innovative products and services. By consistently mitigating the presence of harmful microorganisms and enhancing air quality, CASPR empowers educational institutions to establish safer and healthier indoor environments for both students and staff. Let’s collectively welcome a future of education where well-being takes center stage.

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