Healthcare Disinfection Solutions
For A Clean Operation

Ensuring Indoor Air Quality and Surface Cleaning for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Nowhere is a clean environment more critical than hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental clinics and other healthcare facilities. Yet studies show that bacteria and other microbes can live for weeks on stainless steel and other hard surfaces, making these environments also particularly difficult to continuously disinfect.

This is where CASPR steps in with a remedy for any healthcare space. Our complete hospital-grade quality air filtration system, and air and surface disinfection solutions mean continuous purification for spaces that need it the most. With our two core solutions for healthcare spaces: CASPR Medik™ and CASPR Compact, you can rest assured that patients, staff and guests will have the cleanest possible spaces, putting focus on their own health and recovery.

For coverage in complete hospital spaces and medical offices, the CASPR Medik solution offers continuous disinfection through the HVAC system that outperforms any other solution on the market. The Compact plug-n-play unit can be used in smaller spaces, such as nurses stations, or where more concentrated output is needed.

Easy Installation

Continuous Coverage

No Chemicals

Low Maintenance

“The level of microbial contamination of room surfaces is similar regardless of how often they are touched both before and after cleaning. Therefore, all surfaces that are touched must be cleaned and disinfected.”

– William A. Rutala, Ph.D., M.P.H.



CASPR Medik™ is our medical-grade solution that provides constant, stable levels of hydrogen peroxide to targeted areas. Units are inserted into existing HVAC ducts where they will react with your ambient air to create low levels of hydrogen peroxide (between .02 and .03 ppm).

These molecules then circulate the air, land on all surfaces, and actively reduce micro-burdens as soon as contamination occurs. CASPR’s continuous nature allows us to not only reduce the Colony Forming Units (CFUs) but it keeps them down by preventing them from multiplying in-between episodic cleaning and disinfecting. This effectively reduces the spread of pathogens like MRSA, Norovirus, Aspergillus, VRE, C. difficile, SARS-CoV-2 and more.

CASPR Compact

While our duct-mount units are discreetly placed in the HVAC system, our CASPR Compact is visibly displayed so your employees and guests know that the facility has invested in them. This unit is called Compact because it is small, but powerful. One CASPR Compact will cover up to 1,500 square feet but multiple can be placed across your facility to cover even more square footage. Additionally, customers typically opt for at least once CASPR Compact due to the visibility that reminds guests of the technology.

With CASPR Compact, there is no installation as this device simply plugs into a standard wall outlet and is powered on for immediate coverage. To learn more about our plug-and-plan solution and if it is right for you, email us at or visit our CASPR Compact solutions page.

CASPR Medik Ultraviolet LightHydrogen Misters
Proven effective against a broad spectrum of clinically relevant pathogensYesYesYes
Continuous pathogen reductionYesNoNo
No disruption or delayed access to clinical areasYesNoNo
Continuously eliminates odorsYesNoNo
No operator required (true "No-Touch")YesNoNo
No capital expenditureYesNoNo
No sensitive use parametersYesNoNo