CASPR Compact

Full-size Air and Surface Purification
In a Compact-Size Solution

Clean Air and Continous Disinfection
In a Small, Powerful Technology

Sometimes, the best things do come in small packages with CASPR Compact. Our healthcare-quality air and surface purification technology is now available for use in small offices and compact shared spaces.

CASPR Compact is a plug-and-play solution—no installation required. It is 99.96% effective in reducing pathogens, operates silently and continuously, and ultimately gives your team the peace of mind you deserve.

Up to 99.96% kill
rate on surfaces

Effective against bacteria/viruses

Easy installation,
low maintenance

Effective against
odors and VOCs

CASPR Compact
Plug-and-Play Air and Surface Solution

CASPR is proud to announce the launch of our medical-grade compact unit. Like our CASPR Medik duct-mount products, these units provide a powerful level of disinfection for the healthcare settings (.02-.03 PPM of hydrogen peroxide). Each device covers up to 1500 square feet and multiple can be used to cover even larger spaces.

Also available in a CASPR CA model, an alternative solution that meets CARB compliance.

CASPR Compact Applications


Nursing Homes



CASPR Compact ensures that no matter your setting, you are still able to protect your air and surface with CASPR technology.

CASPR Compact is the only CASPR device that includes an “Away” mode feature which provides a more powerful output. Away mode is set with a timer on your CASPR Compact or with the CASPR remote provided. CASPR Compact will revert back to Normal mode after the timer is up or as soon as you push the Normal mode button on your remote or CAPSR Compact unit. Normal mode is the recommended setting for continuous coverage of occupied spaces. And, like all CASPR solutions, the output of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing molecules is well below OSHA and NIOSH limits.

Download our data sheets to learn more:

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Customer Testimonials

“CASPR Compact gave me the confidence to start seeing patients in my office, again. It is good to know that our air and surfaces are continuously being treated. And, knowing that my patients are as safe as they can be gives me peace of mind.”
– Suzanne S. MD, Fibroid Institute of Dallas

“Having the CASPR units helped my mental state when it was time to go back to work. Knowing that it improved the air and surfaces around me makes me feel safer sitting at the front desk checking in patients.”
– Fabiola V.