Elevated Cleaning Technology
For Today’s Elevator Spaces

Taking Continuous Disinfection to the Next Level

There are roughly 1 million elevators in operation today, giving their passengers about 350 million elevator rides each day. With that amount of use, it is no wonder elevators can be some of the dirtiest spaces around. In fact, it is estimated that the level of bacteria on elevator buttons is 40x higher than on public toilet seats.

Luckily, CASPR Elevator rises to the challenge in providing around-the-clock disinfection for the air and all surfaces within an elevator cab. Using proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter™ (NCC) technology, CASPR Elevator turns ultraviolet light into energy to convert naturally occurring humidity in the ambient air into low levels of hydrogen peroxide.

The gaseous form of hydrogen peroxide operates as a natural purifier inside the elevator, eliminating many indoor air pollutants and pathogens — including bacteria, viruses, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and more.


  • Provides 24/7 disinfection inside elevator cabs
  • Up to 99.96% reduction in pathogens, including SARS COV-2, on surfaces
  • Effective against airborne bacteria, viruses and molds
  • Discreet and virtually silent
  • Low voltage system uses UL listed parts
  • Hassle-free install with minimal ongoing maintenance required
CASPR 200e
Electrical100/240 VAC, 12 VDC5 Watts
Mechanicalup to 200 sq ftup to 500 m3/h
Dimensions10.38"L x 2.25"W
x 1.25"H
28.4cm L x 5.7cmW
x 3.2cm H
Weight1 Pound0.5 Kilograms

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