CASPR Technologies Introduces New Home PRO System for Residential Spaces


CASPR Technologies Introduces New Home PRO System for Residential Spaces

HVAC-installed System Sets a New Standard in Indoor Air Quality

Mandeville, LA (July 9, 2024) – CASPR Technologies, a leader in innovative air and surface purification solutions, announces the launch of its Home PRO line, designed to revolutionize indoor air quality management in single-family homes and residences. Built on CASPR’s cutting-edge technology, the Home PRO units offer unparalleled effectiveness in reducing odors and providing relief from allergies, ensuring a healthier indoor environment for homeowners and occupants.

The Home PRO units utilize advanced purification technology developed by CASPR, leveraging the natural elements found in the air to create powerful oxidative molecules. These molecules effectively neutralize odors and reduce airborne pathogens, bacteria, & allergens without the use of chemicals, making them safe for continuous use around families, pets and plants.

“We are thrilled to introduce our Home PRO line, which represents a significant advancement in indoor air quality technology in the home,” said Nick Licata, CEO of CASPR Technologies. “Contrary to HEPA filter technology, CASPR’s technology is mounted in the HVAC ductwork, and effectively treats air quality at the source, providing 24/7 silent protection from pathogens, common surface contaminants and allergens while improving air quality in any home environment.”

CASPR Technologies is also actively seeking new contractors and supply houses to join its network and help distribute the Home PRO line across various regions. By partnering with CASPR, contractors and supply houses can offer their customers a premier product that promotes a healthier living environment and meets the growing demand for enhanced indoor air quality solutions.

“During Covid we did a lot of research ourselves to find the best line of indoor air quality. There are a million types of indoor air quality products, but we only wanted to sell the best and most effective,” said Tyler Biel of Eagle AC and Heating in Louisiana. “During our research period, we came across CASPR, and were very pleased with what we found and the overall results of the products, and even more impressed with the customer service provided. We now install the CASPR units on every new system install because we know the importance of having a healthy home. We highly recommend the CASPR system for all homes.”

For more information about CASPR Technologies, or how to become an HVAC partner for the Home PRO residential units, visit https://casprtech.com/caspr-home-pro/.


About CASPR Technologies: CASPR Technologies is a pioneer in air & surface purification solutions, dedicated to developing innovative technologies that improve indoor air quality across residential, commercial, and healthcare sectors. With a commitment to sustainability and effectiveness, CASPR continues to lead the industry in providing safe and reliable air purification solutions.

Media Contact: Sarah Solomon Sieh

Marketing Director

CASPR Technologies

Phone: (844) 717-8819

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