How To Protect Your Business by Reducing Staff Absenteeism

According to a study by the Integrated Benefits Institute, “Due to lost time from work caused by COVID-19, employee benefits for absent workers could cost employers more than $23 billion in total.”

– Nashville Tennessean

COVID-19 has impacted our businesses and lives longer than most people anticipated.

Even with the strides that have been made, safety measures, and science advancements, the novel coronavirus and its ripple effects are still impeding companies worldwide.

Here at home, the U.S. is experiencing an unprecedented staffing shortage across the country in industry silos including healthcare, manufacturing, food, tourism and more.

CASPR’s own Dr. Christophe Suchy is quoted in this article about the company’s continuous disinfection solutions that are available now, offering a no-touch solution for businesses looking to protect their spaces and their employees and get people back to work.

Read the article here.

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