Pure Barre Franchisees Use CASPR Technology to Help Get Back to Work

Even before COVID-19 struck, Pure Barre franchisee Adrienne Boss was taking steps to ensure the sanitation of her Nashua and Bedford, New Hampshire studios.

“We were proud to be recognized among the cleanest and healthiest exercise facilities in the region,” explained Boss, “but we wanted to remain on the cutting edge of best practices.”

The company initially brought in an in-duct disinfection unit from CASPR Technologies. They secured the services of Environmental Infection Prevention to do three rounds of independent biological testing. The results blew them away and justified their investment. Despite the studio’s intensive hygiene practices, the tests revealed a 90-99% reduction in pathogen levels on surfaces and in the air.

However, March 17, 2020, her Pure Barre studios were forced to close. She used the interceding time to further prepare her gyms for safety for her staff and her members. She additionally installed CASPR Pro Mobile at each of her studios, and spent time to educate her staff and her members about the added steps she was taking to secure their safe environment.

“When we were able to reopen on June 3rd, we were able to retain all of our staff,” said Boss. “I was elated that they felt safe in our environment, and they were able to help us share this information with our members. Having a state-of-the-art disinfected space helped us to maintain memberships when others were losing them.”

Boss has experienced other added benefits, as well. She loves the clean, fresh smell that occurs with a continuously disinfected studio space, and so does her members. Her team has used this as a marketing advantage.

“Because we’ve explained air and surface disinfection to our guests, we have been able to educate and really shape opinions,” explained Boss. “We wanted a better solution that was continuous and didn’t rely on additional training for our staff, and this was it. We are disinfecting the air and every surface rather than just filtering the air like other solutions.”

Now, Boss represents just two of over 100 Pure Barre locations across the US that have installed CASPR solutions. They found the product helps differentiate the Pure Barre brand with a commitment to providing the cleanest and healthiest spaces for their loyal members and staff.

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