Allergies – The Story of Christophe Suchy on Founding CASPR Technologies

Everyone loves a good origin story. Here is CASPR Technologies’. 

Dr. Christophe Suchy is allergic to “just about everything.” Nasal allergies really affected his quality of life, so about 20 years ago, he decided to do something about it. Dr. Suchy used his background in chemistry to invent environmental health technology that not only combated his allergies but eliminated pathogens indoors. CASPR Technologies, the company Dr. Suchy co-founded, offers air and surface disinfection technology that kills up to 99.96% of viruses, bacteria, molds, odors, and other harmful pathogens from indoor air and surfaces. 

CASPR products work in a building’s air ducts or as standalone units that can sit on a tabletop or fit in an acoustical ceiling tile space. CASPR takes ambient moisture from the air and puts it through a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter™ process that converts that moisture into microscopic molecules of hydrogen peroxide, which are then dispersed throughout the building. The molecules attach to pathogens in the air and on surfaces, disinfecting both in a continuous process.

CASPR differs from other air purification technologies on the market in two important ways: First, the technology cleans air and surfaces continuously, as opposed to a filter, which episodically removes particles from the air; and second, it also protects surfaces from harmful bacteria and viruses. CASPR’s revolutionary technology is the only continuous intervention that delivers effective oxidizing molecules to all surfaces including walls and floors, reducing bioburdens 24/7.

“CASPR technology disinfects air and surfaces, killing harmful viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and bacteria including MRSA, making it perfect for any building in which people gather,” said Dr. Suchy. “We’ve seen incredible success with the products being used in hospital and other medical environments, schools, gyms, retail and restaurants and even transit systems including buses, trains, and ferries.”

With CASPR, Dr. Suchy doesn’t suffer from his nasal allergies anymore. To learn more about CASPR technology and how it can work for you and your business, go to or click here to contact a CASPR representative.  

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