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Meriwether School District’s Journey to Reducing Absenteeism with CASPR Technologies

In a proactive move to prioritize student and staff safety, the Meriwether County School System in Georgia embarked on a journey to enhance disinfection protocols and reduce absenteeism ahead of the new school year. This initiative involved the installation of cutting-edge disinfection technology units from CASPR Technologies across the district, aimed at safeguarding against pathogens, mold, and viruses like influenza and SARS-CoV-2.

Phase One: Implementing CASPR Transit Units

The journey began back in 2021 when CASPR Transit units were installed on Meriwether’s entire bus fleet, effectively reducing absenteeism among bus drivers and improving overall student and driver health. 

Mickie Samper, Director of Transportation, noted a significant shift, “with the CASPR Transit units, we have seen a reduction in bus driver absenteeism. In addition, we had a driver comment it was the first time in 30 years of driving a school bus that she didn’t have a bus full of sick kids, and a year when she herself didn’t get sick.” 

A stark contrast to previous years, drivers were reporting fewer instances of sick students and themselves remaining healthy. The CASPR Transit units’ success in enhancing the health and well-being of both drivers and students sets the standard for transportation safety in schools nationwide.

Phase Two: Extending Protection to School Facilities

Building on the success of the CASPR Transit units, the district collaborated with CASPR distributor BioShark to deploy a comprehensive array of CASPR units throughout school, athletic, and administrative facilities. 

“CASPR’s technology and products have been proven safe and effective against some of today’s most virulent pathogens,” said Shannon Grube, Principle of BioShark. “As a distributor of CASPR to K-12, we believe this technology is a game-changer for protecting students and staff and helping to improve absenteeism. The beautiful part about the technology is that it continuously and safely disinfects without chemicals, even while people are present.” 

The units utilize CASPR’s proprietary NCC™ technology, converting humidity into safe levels of gaseous hydrogen peroxide to continuously disinfect air and surfaces, boasting an impressive efficacy rate of up to 99.96%. After Bioshark highlighted the efficacy and safety of CASPR technology, the district moved forward with confidence, recognizing the transformative potential of these units in safeguarding the health of students and staff across various facilities.

Phase Three: Observing Positive Impact

As the new academic year commenced, teachers and staff members like Rebekah Cook noticed immediate improvements in air quality and overall cleanliness. Cook, an asthma sufferer, highlighted the relief of breathing easier in classrooms equipped with CASPR technology, anticipating positive effects on student attendance and well-being: 

“I have asthma and breathing isn’t always easy. Since the installation of the air filtration system, I can breathe! My chest doesn’t feel heavy, and I have not had to use my rescue inhaler while setting up my classroom for the new school year. The entire school feels cleaner and smells fresher. I can’t wait to see how this system helps our students and see the positive impact it has on attendance!”

As the school year progresses, Cook eagerly anticipates witnessing firsthand the positive impact of improved air quality on student attendance and overall well-being. The implementation of CASPR technology not only promises a brighter future for students but also reinforces our commitment to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all.

Acknowledging Success and Recognition

The district’s proactive approach to health and safety has garnered recognition, with Superintendent Dr. Robert Griffin expressing pride in the substantial reduction in absenteeism. 

“The implementation of CASPR Technologies has been a game-changer for our district,” Dr. Griffin remarked. “The notable decrease in absenteeism underscores the positive impact of prioritizing the health and safety of our students. We are committed to fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and feel secure in their learning spaces.”

Amidst the educational landscape, the Meriwether County Board of Education stood out as a beacon of excellence, its commitment to student welfare recognized and celebrated at the GSBA Conference where they were honored as an “Exemplary School Board.” Their unwavering dedication to prioritizing student welfare through initiatives and actions have set a standard of exemplary leadership in the education community.

Looking Ahead with CASPR Technologies

The success of Meriwether School District’s journey illuminates the transformative impact of CASPR Technologies in creating healthier learning environments. With a commitment to innovation and safety, CASPR continues to lead the way in advanced indoor air quality and surface disinfection solutions, empowering educational communities like Meriwether to foster environments where students can thrive.

About Meriwether School District

Meriwether School District stands as a beacon of innovation in education, embracing change and prioritizing student welfare at every turn. The recent adoption of CASPR Technologies district-wide reflects the district’s unwavering dedication to creating safe and conducive learning environments for all.

About CASPR Technologies

CASPR Technologies stands at the forefront of indoor air quality and surface disinfection innovation, delivering products and services that redefine standards for health and wellness. From hospitals to educational institutions, CASPR’s solutions are transforming indoor environments, ensuring safety and well-being for all occupants.

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