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Schools May Use ESSER Funds to Purchase Indoor Air & Surface Protection

Did you know that your child’s school may have access to funds that would allow it to install technology that could keep all students and staff healthier?

Through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, ESSER (Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief) funding is the largest investment in schools ever made by the federal government. And the U.S. Department of Education encourages use of these funds to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools. Through ARP and ESSER funds, your child’s school is now able to purchase approved items related to indoor air quality by applying for grants through your state’s department of education.

CASPR Technologies’ environmental health products fall under the umbrella of approved items. CASPR – Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction – uses a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter™ process to remove harmful pathogens from the air and on surfaces indoors. These pathogens include bacteria, molds, viruses (even the ones that cause flu and COVID-19) and odors.

“We want to keep kids in school because absences impede their ability to learn and succeed. CASPR has been an important tool for keeping our classrooms clean,” said Michelle Haynes, principal of the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem, which has had CASPR Technologies’ products in place since 2020.

CASPR absorbs ambient moisture from the room and transforms it into safe levels of gaseous hydrogen peroxide, which disperse throughout the room and onto surfaces, killing up to 99.96% of pathogens as proven in independent lab tests. The process takes place continuously, utilizing your existing HVAC system or via tabletop units. CASPR is touch-free and requires maintenance only once every two years. It fights illnesses without you having to think about it.

“CASPR is an excellent choice for schools,” said CASPR co-founder and CEO/CTO Dr. Christophe Suchy. “We’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence that it reduces absenteeism and saves money for schools, which don’t have to hire substitute teachers. And our staff at CASPR Technologies can help you navigate the ESSER landscape.”

Let us help you find the right solution for your schools. Contact CASPR Technologies or your local CASPR distributor to find out how CASPR can keep your students and staff safe, providing peace of mind for everyone. For more info, visit

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