CASPR Announces Hyridix as New San Antonio Distributor

New Tech Distributor to Introduce the World’s Best Air and Surface Disinfection Technology to the Region


DALLAS – April 4, 2022 — When San Antonio’s JP McHazlett first saw CASPR Technologies’ scientific innovations, he knew that its air and surface purification technology needed to be introduced to the Alamo City. He approached business partner Albert Herrera and the two formed Hyridix, CASPR Technologies’ newest distributor.

The team’s unique corporate name, Hyridix, is an homage to CASPR Tech’s patent-pending NCC™ technology, which uses photocatalysts to convert the moisture in the ambient air into low levels of gaseous hydrogen peroxide. These highly effective oxidizing molecules blanket the surface of the targeted area and eliminate air and surface pathogens, including bacteria such as MRSA and viruses such as influenza and SARS-CoV-2.

Herrera, who has an extensive background in education, first thought that CASPR’s technology could be a game-changer for schools, which have been challenged the past two years through the COVID pandemic. However, since gaining a deeper knowledge of the products, he now sees a multitude of potential uses.

“The ease of use of the CASPR Compact allows us to bring the world’s leading air and surface purification technology to virtually any business or institution,” said Herrera.

CASPR Compact is a plug-and-play solution that does not require any installation. Despite its small footprint, it is still 99.96% effective in reducing pathogens. Its silent and continuous operation gives its users peace of mind.

While Hyridix is based in San Antonio, McHazlett plans to reach customers throughout the region.

“We’re hoping to bring CASPR Technologies to business partners across South Central Texas,” said McHazlett. “We are proud to be introducing CASPR products to this region.”

The CASPR Technologies executive team is excited about the enthusiasm Hyridix brings to the relationship.

“We’ve enjoyed developing a relationship with the Hyridix team, and know that they will be innovative and engaged partners,” said CASPR Tech founder and CTO Dr. Christophe Suchy.

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