Edgar’s Bakery opens its 11th location in Madison, Alabama with CASPR Technologies.

Prioritizing Your Comfort at Edgar’s Bakery: A Cleaner, Safer Experience

Edgar’s Bakery recognizes the profound importance you place on the air and surfaces around you when you dine and shop. It’s with your well-being in mind that they’ve taken a proactive step by introducing CASPR Disinfection Technology, elevating the health and safety of the environment for you and your cherished ones.

Edgar’s Bakery’s collaboration with CASPR Technologies in Madison, Alabama, demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a safe and clean environment for their customers and staff. CASPR Technologies offers a hands-off disinfection solution that operates continuously, contributing to the overall well-being of the bakery’s patrons. The CASPR Compact, one of CASPR’s products, was part of a giveaway, indicating the company’s proactive approach to engaging with the community and promoting their disinfection technology.

Terry and Dottie Smith, the owners of Edgar’s Bakery, recognized the alignment between CASPR’s mission and their own and decided to implement CASPR’s technology in their bakeries. As of 2020, all Edgar’s Bakery locations in Alabama have integrated CASPR Technology to ensure a hygienic environment. This partnership has been ongoing since then, showcasing the success of the collaboration.

The opening of the Madison, Alabama location was celebrated with the presence of the mayor of Madison County and the Trash Pandas baseball team mascot for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This event highlighted the significance of the bakery’s expansion and its dedication to the community.
Despite being renowned for their strawberry cakes, Edgar’s Bakery has also gained praise for its lively atmosphere and quality food. A member of the CASPR team, named Dave, had the opportunity to enjoy the bakery’s offerings and interact with curious customers. This allowed Dave to explain CASPR’s mission and how their disinfection technologies work, thus increasing awareness of the technology and its benefits.

Why CASPR? Unveiling a New Era of Clean

Imagine an environment where worries dissipate, and freshness prevails. With CASPR’s state-of-the-art technology, we’re actively eradicating harmful pathogens, bacteria, and allergens from both air and surfaces. The result? A space that instills confidence and exudes cleanliness, allowing you to say farewell to concerns and relish a revitalizing dining experience.

CASPR Technologies has played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of Edgar’s Bakery’s staff and customers across their multiple locations in Alabama. The partnership between these two entities reflects the growing importance of innovative disinfection solutions in public spaces, especially in the wake of health concerns such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join Us in Redefining Cleanliness Standards

Moreover, CASPR is thrilled to announce that an overwhelming 73% of Edgar’s esteemed customers have expressed their affection for CASPR. Inspired by this vote of confidence, we remain dedicated to delivering the excellence you rightfully deserve. Whether you’re seeking relief from allergies, addressing asthma concerns, or simply seeking a meticulously clean atmosphere, rest assured that Edgar’s Bakery is your unwavering destination.

Your Well-being, Our Priority

Embrace a new chapter where your health and happiness are paramount. As you step into Edgar’s Bakery and savor each bite, take solace in the knowledge that our commitment to your well-being extends beyond our delectable treats. CASPR’s influence creates an environment that cares for you, enhancing every moment you spend with us.

Stay connected through our emails and social media channels to stay updated on all our initiatives. Thank you for choosing Edgar’s Bakery, where your comfort and safety are our foremost priorities.