Lombardi Family Concepts – Sani 2018 Award

For decades Lombardi Family Concepts (LFC) has welcomed new guests and old friends from local neighborhoods and around the world into our European restaurants. LFC owns and operates 17 locations across the United States and Mexico.

Because LFC strives to maintain the highest standard in food safety and customer experience, they are constantly looking for new technologies around food safety.  One of the ongoing challenges has been maintaining clean ice machines that are free from bacteria and mold that could potentially contaminate the ice supply.

Historically, Lombardi Family Concepts has used a very labor-intensive approach of maintaining pristine ice machines but were still concerned with the amount of pathogen buildup between frequent cleanings. LFC’s objective was to find a technology that would provide continuous disinfection of the ice machines and destroy bacteria and mold before any buildup could rise to unsafe levels in the equipment. The objective was met, and the challenge resolved through the technology of CASPR and specifically the CASPR-ice units.

Alberto Lombardi explains that “Lombardi Family Concepts’ tagline is Eat Drink Enjoy Life so when I became aware of this one of a kind food safety technology, I decided that Lombardi Family Concepts should implement the technology in all of my locations in Texas.”

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, food related illnesses pose a $77.7 billion economic burden annually in the US reinforcing the notion that there is a direct link between preventing foodborne illness and reducing dangerous pathogens that can spread to food and then to customers.

Robert Clayton, VP of Operations for Lombardi Family Concepts stated, “The CASPR solution has enabled us to improve our ability to ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy a dining experience at any of our 17 establishments without any fear of illness associated with contaminated ice.”

Clayton further adds that “The CASPR-ice technology allows us to have a continuous reduction in harmful bacteria that can never be achieved with our traditional episodic intervention.”

As a result of implementing the first and only continuous pathogen-reducing technology, Lombardi Family Concepts was awarded the 2018 Sani Award for Outstanding Food & Safety Program Innovation this past May.

Lombardi Family Concepts is now exploring the full scope of CASPR Technologies’ food safety technology for use in keeping their kitchen surfaces and restaurant environments safe from foodborne pathogens.

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About Lombardi Family Concepts

For decades Lombardi Family Concepts has welcomed new guests and old friends from local neighborhoods and around the world in our European restaurants.

From Italian trattorias to French bistros, the many different cuisines of the coastal Mediterranean serve as our daily inspiration. Like many family-run establishments in Europe, our restaurants make their own pastas, gelatos and desserts. We constantly strive to craft menus that combine the creativity of contemporary cuisine with the powerful draw of classic recipes.


About CASPR Technologies

The CASPR Technologies has created a technology that recreates the same natural process that reduces outdoor pollution. Our technology’s safe, natural purifiers actively seek out and eliminate indoor air pollution and illness-causing pathogens on surfaces.

For 16 years our technology has been used extensively throughout Europe, South America and Asia for environmental disinfection in healthcare settings, food processing plants and other applications. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, we have brought a new and advanced generation of our technology to the United States.

Food Sector

CASPR has a full line of products and applications designed to improve food safety. The technology advances the safety of foodservice (restaurants, bars, cafeterias, etc.) as well as, food and beverage manufacturers and processors. The results produced by our technology reduce the risk of foodborne illness, extend the shelf life of perishable foods and reduce offensive odors.